PROGRESS UPDATE: The #ArtMyNoordgesig are looking fantastic against the backdrop of the Noordgesig neighbourhood. Each one containing a special story extracted from design development workshops with the community. Despite a short delay due to the rainy weather last week, the local artistic teams have covered some good ground to make up for lost time, bringing these special stories to life through the addition of special details, symbols and iconography.

The following murals are represented in various stages of implementation:
Ricky’s Shop: The Second Mama Glover Mural
Corner House Opposite Forest View

Photo Credits: @ZivanaiMatangi and @ThusiVukani and other images from site inspections.


A progress portfolio showing how children’s designs can transform hard surfaces in the urban environment – these beautiful drawings are transforming the steel and glass facades of the Reya Vaya BRT station, LEES along the Louis Botha Transit Orientated Corridor.

The Reya Vaya BRT station artworks form part of the broader place making through art program: #ArtMyJozi along the Louis Botha and Empire Perth Transit Orientated Corridors.

These colourful artworks were extracted from communal workshops with the Ububele Pre Primary School, part of the Ububele Psychotherapy Trust in Kew.

We look forward to sharing the completion of these station artworks with you soon!


Day 1: “Dream it” kick started the Flying House workshops in Rotunda, Turffontein. The local artistic crew worked on identifying their strengths, weaknesses, resources and skills available to them, both personally and in their environment.

#ArtMyJozi in collaboration with Flying House are engaging the artist-participants in a skill transfer process to enable sustainability of their own artistic entrepreneurship going forward.

Flying House is an organisation dedicated to securing better opportunities for emerging independent creative and social entrepreneurs. Flying House has developed a 3-day personal development programme for creative and social entrepreneurs, that gives participants opportunity to improve the business aspect of their artistic practice. This capacity accelerator provides a minimum toolkit of basic know-how such as artist’s CV and bio, budgeting and invoicing, understanding customer service and an introduction to creative business models.

We will share more news as the program unfolds.

(extract from Flying House Program for Rotunda artists group)


The Lees Reya Vaya station artworks are ready and will be implemented during the course of this week and next. We will share this process as it unfolds and look forward to seeing this very special artwork once complete!

In May 2018 the Ububele Pre Primary School participated in a communal art making workshop, submitting designs to the contribution to the Rea Vaya BRT artworks programme. The preschool forms part of the Ububele Education Psychotherapy Trust in Kew.

The school learners’ artworks have been selected for graphic design translation and implementation along the steel and glass panels of Lees Station, which is part of the Louis Botha Transit Oriented Development Corridor. Below are some of the original submissions, graphic translations and their designs superimposed against the architect’s drawings of the Reya Vaya Station.

On the 6th Dec 2018 – each school learner received a certificate that celebrated their contribution #ArtMyJozi Place Making Through Art Campaign.



The BULTE Mural updates have begun.  #ArtMyNoordgesig artist Macfadden Bharley has started to put the finishing touches to this prominent mural situated on the corner of Main Road and Colin Drive.

The artists intention is to carry through the geometric and linear markings that make up the core feature of the mural: the communities nickname for their neighbourhood BULTE. Macfadden will also include an interpretation of the map of Noordgesig.

Watch this space for further updates!


One of the most exciting things about our job is observing how the #ArtMyNoordgesig artistic teams interpret their designs onto the walls of buildings in their neighbourhood – which is exactly what has started to happen in Noordgesig this week.

These murals form part of series of gateway murals which lead the way into Noordgesig. Placed against a residential house opposite to the Forest View mural – this mural is combination of symbolic forms and line work that represents the cultural diversity and resilience of the neighbourhood.



Earlier today we shared a photographic survey of the Rotunda Linear park totems, the local artistic team are represented in this group shot beautifully. We salute their creative energy which has brought the Rotunda Totems to life.


Meet the people behind the place making outcomes for the Paterson Park upgrade area. This image was taken in Short Road Park while the local mural and graffiti artists were painting the concrete walls in the park. This image captures their infallible energy which is evident in the outcome shared in an earlier post this week.

Play area- Colour added!

A divine dash of colour has been added to the playground in Noordgesig, as they begin the implementation of the rubberized play surfaces. These giant hand print artworks form part of the Noordgesig place making through art program. We can’t wait to share the final product with you!