Above Forest View Mural (Noordgesig) is reaching completion. The #ArtMyNoordgesig artistic duo Mzi and Lucky have worked hard to create a cohesive visually striking gateway mural. This mural is situated on the corner of Main Street and North Road.

Sitting in-between the Forest View and BULTE murals – this mural completes the suite of three gateway murals. These artwork interventions offers the opportunity to guide residents, visitors and commuters into the neighbourhood –  directing the way to the other outcomes from the place making through art program: #ArtMyJozi.  


ROTUNDA PLACE MAKING THROUGH ART (2019) – started with the implementation of the Rotunda Linear Park surface painting.

On Wednesday we re-engaged the local artistic crew in a meeting which presented the new creative workshop program. This program is aimed at extracting designs for additional totems and surface painting designs for the upgrade area. The artists have had a busy two days – and are well on the way to producing impactful design inspired by their experiences of the linear park and the surrounds.

This is a four-day workshop and we are excited to share the outcomes over the next few days.

Photo Credit: @Zivanai Matangi and @ThusiVukani


Following the Flying House Day 1: “Dream it” in Rotunda, Turffontein. The local artistic worked hard at unpacking, mapping and conceptualising their business ideas, which are centred on exploring their artistic, creative and team strengthens. These ideas were then shared with us during Day 3 ‘’Pitch It!’’ – it was an inspiring afternoon for the team as we got to engage with the artists group in a different way, understanding how their experience as creatives and local community members shape the way that they think about their futures.

For more information about Flying House: http://flyinghouse.co.za.www45.jnb2.host-h.net/

A note on what the Flying House program is about:

#ArtMyJozi in collaboration with Flying House engaged the artist-participants in a skill transfer process to enable sustainability of their own artistic entrepreneurship going forward. Flying House is an organisation dedicated to securing better opportunities for emerging independent creative and social entrepreneurs. (extract from Flying House Program for Rotunda artists group)

Check out a photographic summary of Day 2 and Day 3 below.


This mural is a continuation of the Mama Glover Murals in Noordgesig. Forming part of the visual story paying homage to what she inspired in her community. So even though the mural itself is quite different from the shop next door – when a visitor stands in front of both shops, they will look at this like a complete story or book, with different chapters.

This mural is intended to represent a ‘’heaven’’ or ‘’dreamlike’’ environment – where the artist Lavinia has included symbolic forms and text that describe the legacy of Mama Glover – although these are presented in symbolic iconography there are a multitude of meanings embedded in these. The tree is intended to be like a ‘’family tree’’ of all the networks and contributions Mama Glover was involved in.

This mural is in the process of being implemented by an incredible team of four #ArtMyNoordgesig artists: Thabo, Thulani, Ernest and Lavinia.  

See the progress this amazing team has made to date and what the original artworks by Lavinia look like below.

Photo Credit: @ThusiVukani and Lavinia Jones


#ArtMyNoordgesig: Progress Update

The next phase of artworks implementation in Noordgesig was officially kick off yesterday afternoon (31 Jan 2019) with a artists meeting. We shared the place making through art program for 2019 with the local crews and are looking forward to working in this neighbourhood this year!

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and to see the support for the #ArtMyNoordgesig project.


PROGRESS UPDATE: The #ArtMyNoordgesig are looking fantastic against the backdrop of the Noordgesig neighbourhood. Each one containing a special story extracted from design development workshops with the community. Despite a short delay due to the rainy weather last week, the local artistic teams have covered some good ground to make up for lost time, bringing these special stories to life through the addition of special details, symbols and iconography.

The following murals are represented in various stages of implementation:
Ricky’s Shop: The Second Mama Glover Mural
Corner House Opposite Forest View

Photo Credits: @ZivanaiMatangi and @ThusiVukani and other images from site inspections.


A progress portfolio showing how children’s designs can transform hard surfaces in the urban environment – these beautiful drawings are transforming the steel and glass facades of the Reya Vaya BRT station, LEES along the Louis Botha Transit Orientated Corridor.

The Reya Vaya BRT station artworks form part of the broader place making through art program: #ArtMyJozi along the Louis Botha and Empire Perth Transit Orientated Corridors.

These colourful artworks were extracted from communal workshops with the Ububele Pre Primary School, part of the Ububele Psychotherapy Trust in Kew.

We look forward to sharing the completion of these station artworks with you soon!